Wheels Family Skating in Temple, Texas

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  • We remind all skaters that you SKATE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Roller skating involves the risk of being injured. If you are not willing to accept these risks, please do not skate.
  • NO OUTSIDE FOOD OR DRINK may be brought into the facility (with the exception of birthday cake for booked birthday parties only)
  • Everyone pays admission to enter the facility with the exception of non-skating parents, grandparents and children under 3 years of age.
  • Children should always be accompanied by parent or adult guardian!
  • No refunds.
  • No gum chewing permitted anywhere in the facility.
  • We allow parents on the skating floor without skates to assist younger or beginner skaters during our beginner skating classes and public skating sessions. We ask parents not wearing skates to stay in the marked area in the center of the skating floor. We reserve the outside lane for our more experienced skaters. Skaters utilizing Skate Mate Trainers are also asked to stay toward the center of the skating floor.
  • All skaters must skate carefully and with the flow of traffic at all times. No climbing over barrier walls. When exiting the skating surface, look for an opening and exit very carefully! No stopping or standing on the skating floor. Unruly or dangerous skaters will be asked to leave the rink with no refund. Skating is not recommended for guests with asthma, epilepsy, seizure disorders or if pregnant.
  • Cell phones, earphones, tablets or similar devices cannot be used while skating.
  • Parents are not allowed to carry children while they are wearing skates for obvious safety reasons!
  • All food and drink must be consumed in the cafe area only. No food or drink permitted near the skating floor.
  • We are not resonsible for lost or stolen articles. Please secure all personal items in a coin operated locker.
  • Casual dress appropriate for active participation. Neatness of dress is expected at all times. No inappropriate dress, logos or sayings with be permitted. Admission will be refused if dress code standards are not met.
  • These rules have been put in place for your safety. Anyone that does not follow these rules will be asked to leave the rink with no refund.